Saving power in the summer months

There are many, many ways to save power and stay cool during the summer months.  Most comonly, people think first of a ceiling fan and ceiling fans are great. In summer, ceiling fans cool the room by creating a “wind chill effect”. For example: if you had a room at 85 degrees, the fan would make the room feel like 78 degrees.  By installing a ceiling fan you will save on your cooling cost for that room.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blogs, by installing either an electric or solar attic fan you can save 40% of the money spent on air-conditioning cost alone.  Either attic fan will make your home more comfortable. The beauty of the solar fan is the greatest heat of the day creates the energy that will run the fan that removes the heat from your attic. Having an Boise Electrician install a ceiling and attic fans in your home are by far the most effective ways of saving power during the summer months but there are a few more things you can do around your home that I would recommend.

Having hidden holes, gaps, and cracks in your home is the single biggest cause of cooling and heating loss. Your unprotected electrical outlets can be a contributor. Weather-proof Gaskets should be put on all exterior walled interior outlets. This is a very inexpensive, simple fix that you can do yourself or have a qualified Boise Electrician help you with.

The right lighting in the right room can add to the beauty of your home.  Adding dimmers can not only intensify the beauty but save you in energy cost.  Dimming the light by 50% saves 40% on the electricity.  And if you add CFL dimming light bulbs you will use 2/3 less energy and they last 10 times longer. This is also a simple way to go green and save money.

One last thing I want to mention that will save you money year round is to install a Programmable Thermostat.  When used properly it can save up to 33 percent on annual heating and cooling cost. Because it uses less energy it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy production. Our Boise Electricians carry these on their vans and would be happy to help you out.

Adding a solar attic fan drops your cooling costs by 40%

Adding a solar attic fan drops your cooling cost by 40%!!

Did you know that adding a solar attic fan can reduce your cooling bill by 40%? The attic fan removes the hot air from your attic. If the hot air is not removed your air conditioning unit works harder to cool your home. The 40% you save is the amount directly tied to the cooling portion of your bill, which varies from customer to customer.

It will also extend the life of your ac unit.

Other benefits of proper attic venting include increase in fresh air circulation and removal of moist air build up that can lead to mold and bacteria. This can have a direct impact on having a healthy home for your family and your respiratory health.

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Surge Protecting You Entire Home

Everyone understands the need for surge protection strips on their home and office pc’s but did you know there is a Whole House Surge Protection device that can be installed by a licensed Boise electrician that will protect your homes entire electrical system?  In our homes today, we have numerous appliances and electronics that need to be protected from damaging surges.  These Whole House Surge Protection devices can protect against lighting related and large surges along with smaller surges that can eat away at the computer chips inside your equipment.  Many of our common household appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washers/dryers, microwaves, and air conditioning units have computer chips. We are hit with over 20 surges a day in the Treasure Valley.

By installing a Whole House Surge Protection device you will be extending the life of these appliances along with all your electronics.

The average home has approximately $8,000 in electronic equipment and appliances.  If you have a few extra items, your potential loss could be closer to $20,000.  Installing a Whole House Surge Protection is a relative small investment in protecting your homes electrical system, your electronics, and your appliances.

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Eco Solar Tube

Eco Solar Skylight Tubes.

Same Day Electric has partnered with Eco Solar Skylight Tubes to bring you the best in energy savings.  Same Day Electric is the only electrician in Boise to join with the best solar tubes manufacturer in the USA to bring great solar tubes and other solar products to Boise, Id and the surrounding area.

Do you enjoy natural soft light in your home? Do you have some areas of your home that just need to be illuminated? Are there areas such as hallways were the kids just forget to turn the light off or you are tired of fumbling to turn it off yourself? With Eco Solar SkylightTubes you are essentially harnessing the natural light from the sun. The units themselves are no more then cost of a nice light fixture and can be installed by an experienced electrician in just a few hours. It will cost you nothing on your power bill to have light all day and unlike the traditional framed in skylights these do not contribute to heat loss or gain. And one of the best features is that your electrician can install a dimmer so if you do want it dark in that area during the day you can! Traditional skylights cant do that.

Solar Skylight Tubes along with being an eco-friendly lighting choice that is good for the environment, solar tubes can offer health benefits to people as well. Studies have shown that natural, full-spectrum sunlight can offer a feeling of well being and help people overcome the winter blahs, also called SAD, or Seasonal Affected Disorder.   There are also studies that show natural lighting greatly improves productivity in the workplace. This makes Eco Solar Skylight Tubes a great option for business.

The City of Boise also has low interest loans for solar which is amazing and shows Boise, Id is moving in the right direction when it comes to our energy needs!

Also, take a look at what the State of Idaho is doing to make our state “greener”. The Idaho Green Expo is held in Boise, Id each year.

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Licensed Boise Electricians

The consumer often asks when hiring an electrician to work in their home or business “Are you a licensed Boise electrician”?  This is a good question but don’t stop there.  In the state of Idaho you are required to be licensed as an journeyman electrician to do electrical work for customers.  So having “a licensed electrician” to do your electrical work is essential but it’s not enough. There a few more questions that every consumer should ask before letting someone work in your home.  Do you have Liability Insurance (both property damage and bodily injury) and Workman’s Compensation Insurance?  Liability Insurance would cover damages to your home or office if the Electrician did something that caused it to be damaged.  Ask to see proof; a reputable contractor will have no problem producing a certificate of Insurance for both the Liability and workman’s comp.  Be aware that home owners are sued for injuries on their property. Most Home Owner Insurance Policies exclude outside contractors, so it is critical to make sure there is proper and adequate coverage. Don’t be fooled by the contractor who says he doesn’t need insurance because he is self-employed.

I know this topic has been talked about numerous times in the past, but I think it’s a good idea to bring it up again.  Everybody is looking for a good deal in these tough economic times but don’t put your home or family at risk for that good deal.

Here are a few scenarios:

You may have an out of work Boise electrician that lives down the street, he works cheap but be aware of the risk.  Yes, he has a license but that’s not going to help you if something goes wrong.

What about the Boise electrician that works for a company that carries all the Insurances but you hire him to do side work?  You are not under the umbrella of the company he works for and their Insurance Policy would not cover the work he preformed in your home.

Low bids.  Low bids can be a sign of an Boise electrical contractor that is not insured or under insured.  Today, insurance is a significant cost to any electrical project.  A Contractor working without insurance can give you a low bid but will be putting you at great risk.

Ask questions, ask for proof of insurances, ask about their experience, ask for references. There is more than price when it comes to hiring an Boise electrician do work in your home.

Power Outages – Troubleshooting

What should I do if I lose power in my house, or business?

The first thing is to ask yourself what was going on when you lost power. Did I have something plugged in that I haven’t had plugged in for a while? Sometimes an appliance, or a piece of equipment can cause power failure. If you unplug the device and then reset the breaker, and the breaker holds then you have a bad piece of equipment or appliance.
How do I reset my breaker? If you lose power to part of your Home or Business (not a complete power failure where you have no power at all anywhere), then you may have a breaker tripped. Tripped breakers will look like a breaker that has been turned half way off. Push the breaker all the way to off and then back to the on position. If the breaker does not reset than you need to call a Boise electrician. The reason why your breaker won’t reset is because you may have a short circuit in your wiring somewhere.

Here at Same Day Electric, we train our electricians once a week in trouble shooting faulty wiring issues, panel equipment, and appliances. Our Boise electricians are the best troubleshooters in the country. Not only because of our training, but because we trouble shoot hundreds of homes and business a year, we know what to look for. This not only saves you down time, it also saves you money.

Making sure your Home and Business are Electrically Safe

Making sure your Home and Business are Electrically Safe

Every year faulty wiring causes lost to homes and business, but more importantly it can cause harm to your family and employees. There are ways to make sure your home and business is electrically safe.

A couple things that a home or business owner can look for before calling a Boise Electrician are:

Check all your outlets. Look for cracked receptacles, black areas, warm or hot receptacles or loose wires. It’s a good idea to put child safety plugs in unused sockets.

Also, look for any exposed wires. Exposed wires can be extremely dangerous.

Once you have done a visual inspection, its time to call a qualified electrician. They can provide you with an extensive inspection of your electrical system. An expert Boise electrician can see and spot things that don’t look right or may need upgrading for your safety. They will check attic and crawl spaces for loose, exposed wire, and exposed connections. All electrical connections should be contained within a junction box.

An experienced Boise electrician will check your electrical panel for any concerns. He will rejuvenate your system and tighten all connections. He will check to make sure breakers are working correctly, check for arching that can be caused by loose breakers, and check your bus bars for pitting. Pitting on the bus bar will cause weakening and is a serious problem that should not be overlooked.

Electrical safety is a must for every home and business and is something that should not be taken lightly. If you know you have faulty wiring, something doesn’t appear to look right, or you are experiencing any electrical odors, then you need to get it fixed. Do not delay; many electricians are set up for fast response and same day service.

Enjoying Outdoor Lighting

It’s getting darker earlier and earlier these days, but we still want to enjoy our gardens, patios, porches, and pathways. Now a days, the best way to do that is with energy efficient LED Light bulbs. A good quality LED bulb will last an extremely long time and cost much less in energy cost then the traditional incandescent light bulbs.

And, the best thing about the LED bulb lately is that there are so many options to choose from. You can use them in your landscape lighting, patio, and security lighting. As electricians, we are always happy to help people choose the right bulb for the right application.

Even decorative and Christmas lighting are available in LED. If you like to decorate with Holiday Lights, you know what that can do to your power bill. Purchasing LED Holiday lighting can cost a bit more up front but your savings will accumulate year after year. Call an Boise electrician to put in handy under eve receptacles and your holiday lighting projects are now no stress! Nothing is more festive than a string of colored lights, no matter what the occasion.

Same Day electric would be happy to help you not only with your electrical repairs, lighting additions, and extra outdoor outlets, but all of our licensed Boise electricians are dedicated to green products and energy and money saving ideas for our customers. We also recommend solar options where low lighting is needed for pathways and ponds. With solar there’s no power needed but you won’t get the brightness necessary for security or porch lighting.

Stop by Same Day Electric’s new location on the corner of Chinden & 43rd St in Garden City and talk to us about your electrical, lighting, or solar needs.

Finding the right Boise Electrician

Electrician in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa and the surrounding area

It happens to all of us at some time or another.  We have an electrical problem in our home or business and we need to hire a Boise Electrician.  For some of us, who are not comfortable with electricity at all, looking for an Electrician in Boise is the first thing we do.  For others, we do not go in search of our Boise Electrician until we have tried everything we can think of first.  Either way, you find yourself searching for the right Boise Electrician to fix your electrical problem.  This should not be a difficult problem but with so many out there, here a few tips to help in your search for a qualified, experience Boise Electrician.

1) Look on-line for reviews. This is a great way to get a sense of the electrician in Boise that your thinking of calling.  Hopefully, some of the reviews will have specifics of the job the electrician completed for the customer to help you decide if they are the right Boise electrician for you.

2) Check with the Better Business Bureau in your area.  On the BBB website they have an area to search for a Boise Electrician and once you have the list, you can see the rating of each company. Same Day Electric has an A+ rating

3)Once you have called a Boise Electrician, ask a few questions.  Find out if their employees are background checked and drug tested.  We feel that along with an uniformed electrician with proper identification on him and the vehicle he is driving is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe.

4)All Boise Electricians should possess a valid state license, proof of liability insurance and Workmans compensation Insurance.  All electricians in Boise that are worth hiring should provide you with a copy of any of these documents.

5) Last but not least when your looking for a Qualified Boise Electrician, ask your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.  They most likely have hired an Boise Electrician in the past and would be glad to share their experience with you.

Spring Electrical projects in Boise

Springtime in Boise is awesome!  Everything we have been thinking about all winter and not able to do can finally come together.  Some of the electrical projects that come to mind that an electrician in Boise can help you with are:

Thinking about revamping your outside garden area.  Adding landscape lighting is a nice touch and solar landscape lighting makes it easy and affordable.

Bringing in all that great natural light.  Solar Tubes are a effective, efficient, and super cool way.

Most people dont think about it until it gets really hot but adding a attic fan to move all that hot air out of your attic space can lower your cooling cost by 30-40%. That’s huge!  We install both electric attic fan and solar attic fans.

Ceiling fans are great additions to any room in all seasons. Ceiling fans in your outdoor living spaces can also be very effective.  Add them to a patio or porch and keep cool this summer.  Make sure when purchasing your ceiling fans that they are made for outdoor use.

Add some extra outlets in your outdoor space.  Many people add outlets under eves for decorative lighting year round.

Indoors projects abound from simple light fixture swapped outs to bring a new design to a room to bringing more cost efficientcy to your home.

If your thinking solar, city of Boise has low interest loans for solar projects and I’ve heard the State of Idaho has great tax incentives.  These incentives along with the federal tax credit is making solar much more affordable.


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